How and when does the photobooth arrive?

The booth will arrive at your event on the day at least one hour before your booth booking time, for set up and test runs. The photobooth attendant will arrive, set up the booth and get everything ready for your guests, once the event has finished we will pack it away and leave you all the pictures and fun memories of the night.

Is the photobooth portable?

Yes! We can set up the booth pretty much anywhere weather permitting. The photobooth comes neatly packed away in a trunk, and it is really easy to get in, out, up and down of most places.

How many people can we fit inside the booth?

Well that is up to you and the space we have to set up the booth,but since we are not a small cubby box and we are an open booth you can fit more people in the one picture frame. Making it a lot more fun and madness might I add.

Do you provide props for the event? And can we bring our own as well?

Yes we have a great variety of props for you to dress up and have fun with, but by all means if there is something specific that adds to your event or theme feel free to bring them along. The more the merrier.

How does the booth work?

The photobooth itself is touch screen, the user friendly layouts are really easy to follow but of course the attendant will always be their to guide your guests. There is a choice of photo’s or video, you select which one and from there you press go and the photobooth fires away. Either shooting 3/4 photos with a few seconds in-between to grab your next prop, or shooting a short 30 second video its all great fun and i can guarantee you won’t just visit the booth the once.

Can i customize the photo strip?

Yes just let us know in advanced what you would like it to say and we can design the perfect layout for your event.

How far should i book in advanced?

To save disappointment you should try to book your booth when you have your final dates, but we say at least a month in advance is good, although we will take on last minute bookings if the date is available. If you get two reservations in for the same date, who ever pays the amount in full first will win the space.

How does payment work?

We ask for a 50% deposit to be paid upon booking, and the final 50% to be paid the week before your event.

How do I make a booking?

Please fill out the inquiry form under “Get a Quote” and we will get back to you with an email as soon as possible.

When will I receive a DVD of all the pictures from the event?

We will send the DVD to you with in the week after your event.